2013 4-H Douglas County Fair Premium Book

Version:  June, 2013.      (Last Update:  06/14/2013)


I.   2013 4-H Douglas County Fair Premium Book (click here for the complete 4-H book section; 112 pages) 

The following links provide the many sections of our online Premium Book of the Douglas County 4-H Fair Programs.  Click on a link to view.  Or, right click and save the PDF to your computer's hard drive for later.  If you are unable to access or print a copy for your needs, visit the OSU Extension Service Office of Douglas County in Roseburg, Oregon to get a printed copy.   


II.  Fair Premium Book Sections:  

  1. Awards  (pages 11-17)
  2. Beef Cattle  (pages 21-22)
  3. Dairy Cattle  (page 23)
  4. Dogs  (pages 24-27)
  5. Goats  (pages 28-30)
  6. Horses  (pages 31-36)
  7. Sheep  (pages 37-39)
  8. Small Animals  (pages 40-45)
  9. Swine  (pages 46-47)
  10. Communications     (page 49-51)
  11. Natural Science       (page 51-58)
  12. Horticulture  (pages 68-72)
  13. Expressive Arts  (pages 73-81)
  14. Photography  (pages 82-83)
  15. Food Exhibits  (pages 93-106)
  16. Presentations  (pages 107-109)

III. Additional fair related information/content.

IV.  The DC Fairgrounds can be reached by telephone at their main office at 541 957 7010. 


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