4-H Youth Forestry Program

The 4-H Youth Forestry program increases forestry and wildlife educational opportunities in Douglas County communities. All youth in Douglas County are eligible to participate in this program. For more information or to set up classes at your site, please call Teresa Middleton, at 541-672-4461 or email Teresa Middleton(4-H Youth Forestry Program Brochure)

The 4-H Youth Forestry Program is highly interactive. All teaching is conducted through games and hands-on activities.

The program offers:


  • After-school programs developed into a series of classes. The number of classes can be adaped to individual sites. These components of the program are FREE. arrow graphic





After-school programs developed into a series of classes.

After school programs at a Roseburg elementary school in 2008.


Summer Day Campers at the Super Sleuth Science Day Camp. 

Science fun at the Super Sleuth Science Camp. 




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  • Summer day camps for various age groups.  





  • Day trips on those "No-School" days.

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Another fun no-school day trip to the Science Factory. 

Trip to the Science Factory


For more information, contact:




Last Update:  01/24/2013