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Publications for Douglas County Forest Owners

These were developed specifically for you in Douglas County!


A.  Stand Management

  1. Effectiveness of Forestry Herbicides
  2. Pruning Forest Trees
  3. Thinning: An Important Forest Management Tool

B.  Insect and Disease Management

  1. Why Are Trees Dying Douglas County?
  2. Cedar Beetle Outbreak in Douglas County

C.  Animal Damage Management

  1. Animal Damage Diagnostic Guide
  2. Animal Damage Management Handbook (from Forest Service)

D.  Tree Characteristics

  1. Characteristics of Walnuts Found in the Pacific Northwest
  2. Characteristics of Tree Species Common in Douglas County, Oregon

E.  Reviewing Site Productivity Classifications for Forest Property Taxes: A Case Study
         By Marshall Kirby, Master Woodland Manager (reprint from Fall 2004 newsletter)

F.  Forest Biomass Utilization     

  1. Working with Biomass Contractors by Stephen Lawn
  2. Biomass Harvesting 101 by John Pine
  3. Biochar & Forest Ecosystems by Kristin McElligott
  4. Biomass Utilization & Forest Productivity by Mike Cloughesy
  5. Biomass & Fire Prevention by Mike Jackson
  6. Biomass & Wildlife by Frank Burris
  7. Watershed & Forest Practices Considerations by Paul Adams






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