Douglas County School Forestry Tour - Volunteer Instructions

Information for Volunteer Instructors

Thank-you for volunteering as an instructor for the 2018 Douglas County School Forestry Tour!

If you have any questions that are not answered on this page, please contact Alicia Jones 541-236-3002 or email at .

2018 Douglas County School Forestry Tour


May 16-18, 2018 (Wednesday thru Friday) 9:00*am - 2:00pm

*You can arrive anytime from 8:30am on to set up your learning station.

You'll need to be ready to start at 9:15am.


Douglas County Glide Educational Forest

(behind Glide Transfer Station). Map and driving directions.


Tour schedule: (A instructor break area is available with water, donuts, muffins, breads, coffee and soft drinks.)

School groups start arriving at 9:00am and the Tour starts when the last school group has arrived, usually around 9:20am.

The morning includes rotations between 7 learning stations and the afternoon includes rotations between 4 games.

You will teach at a learning station and then supervise afternoon games. If you need to leave the tour early, please make arrangements with Alicia in advance.

Map of Tour Loops - How the Tour Learning stations/trails are arranged. You will notice on the schedule that you are assigned to either the yellow or green tour loop (trail).


Sack lunch, water, any teaching props you'll need (in addition to what we provide - see teaching kits & outlines below).


On the day you are teaching, arrive anytime after 8:30am to set up your learning station. You'll need to be all set up & ready to go by 9:15am. If you need assistance with set-up, you'll need to bring your own helpers.


Please prepare a 20 minute activity for your learning station. You will present this up to 7 times in a row during the morning.

Remember to make this as interactive & hands-on as possible - 5th graders have short attention spans! We want them to have fun while also learning about forests. Please let Alicia know if you need ideas or would like some help.

Here are some Tips to assist you in your preparations.


Outlines & Kits

Teaching outlines, teaching kits, and poster sets are available for use. To review them in advance, please contact the Extension Office. Please note that ALL TEACHING KITS AND POSTERS MUST REMAIN AT THE SCHOOL TOUR SITE DURING SCHOOL TOUR WEEK - don't take them home, or the person teaching the next day may be left without teaching props!
They will be on site and will be maintained by the Tour staff.
Scroll down for a complete list of kit contents and small versions of the posters.

For additional ideas, contact Alicia Jones at 541-236-3002 or email at

Instructor Materials: (PDF's)

Instructor Outlines

Kit Contents


Archaeology - 2 kits available


Fisheries - 2 kits available

Forest Management

Forest Management - 2 kits available

Forest Products

Forest Products - 2 kits available

Tree ID

Tree ID - 2 kits available


Skull & Pelt - 2 kits available