OSU Beef Nutrition Programs

Oregon State University Extension Service offers a Beef Nutrition educational program across Oregon which features the new, interactive Beef Nutrition Workbook (click here to see the workbook).

The goal of this program is to provide information to professional beef producers that will allow evaluation of feeding management plans and scientific feeding of animals.  A Beef Nutrition Workbook will be introduced to aid producers in implementing individual ranch nutrition plans. Participants are asked to have their hay analyzed and bring the report to the program. Feed costs are the single largest expense for livestock producers, representing as much as 50% of variable production costs. Reductions in winter feed costs would help beef operations be more profitable, or, in times of low cattle prices, just stay in business. But reducing feed costs is not the main thrust of the program. Proper nutrition could even cost more, but rewards will come in better herd health, greater productivity, and increased profits. Call you local Extension office for more information.




Last Update: 07/29/2011

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