Benefits of publishing with EESC

Faculty co-creators and our audiences experience many benefits from EESC's publishing activities:


Products published through EESC are a recognized form of scholarship at OSU. The content of all products published in the Extension catalog, regardless of media type, is peer reviewed.


All products published through EESC are edited, designed, and produced by skilled communications professionals. EESC project managers provide quality control and oversight.

Access and engagement

EESC provides access to the educational products it publishes through the Extension catalog, OSU's ScholarsArchive repository, and print-on-demand distribution. EESC works with Extension authors to ensure that dissemination and engagement opportunities are created for the products it publishes.

EESC is also part of the PNW publishing cooperative, which fosters collaboration among authors from different states, expands the audience for publications, and helps reduce costs. For more information, see the Author's Guide to Pacific Northwest Extension Publishing (pdf, 166 kb).

Stewardship and persistence

EESC is charged with the stewardship responsibility for Agricultural Experiment Station publications dating back to 1887 and Extension Service publications dating back to 1909, all the way to the present, with over 100 new products every year. EESC ensures that the Extension materials it publishes are digitally archived and preserved according to librarian-approved standards in the university's ScholarsArchive.

Recognized status

Products of any media type that pass through the EESC publishing life cycle are assigned an official series number (EC, EM, PNW, etc.). These numbers serve as a stamp of approval. 

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