Visual Media

EESC photographers, videographers, and graphic designers communicate the experience of extension and research. Through images and design, and in collaboration with writers, Web developers, and instructional designers, EESC visual communicators connect the public with the work of the statewide public service programs.  

Graphic design

Successful visual design relies on a creative and thoughtful approach to achieve desired goals: to consistently produce high-quality graphic design products that are delivered on time and within budget

Our design experience, sense of aesthetics, and technical expertise provide art and design leadership for clear, informative, and useful materials integral to Extension and Experiment Station educational programs and events.


Good pictures go a long way in helping tell a story—whether that story is a lesson, a presentation, or research documentation. At EESC we want to help educators and researchers add visual impact to their communication projects.

How?  With resources like award-winning original photography and an image library of the people, places, and activities of Extension educators and agriculture researchers. Between the central collection and a smaller online archive, OSU faculty and staff have access to more than 20,000 images they can use to create compelling educational materials. 

Savory Images: features the bounty of Oregon agriculture—a reflection of the role Oregon State University’s agricultural research plays in sustaining our state’s rich farming heritage. Photos are by award-winning photographer Lynn Ketchum.



Video can show us things we otherwise may never see: spawning salmon … hatching honeybees.… It has the power to explain a concept or examine a critical public issue.

"Video" used to mean what’s on TV. Today, video shows up everywhere from Web pages to cell phones, and EESC‘s video producers fill those outlets with video products that range from documentaries to how-to’s.

We also encourage the development of your own videos for use on the Web and presentations. Check out our easy to use Flip Video cameras.