Written Communications

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EESC faculty give voice to the news and discoveries made by scientists and educators in OSU Extension and Oregon’s Agricultural Experiment Station. The stories we write in partnership with faculty provide the basis of impact reporting and accountability for Oregon’s statewide public service programs.

In addition, we are on the frontlines when emergency information needs to be communicated. And we provide media training to help OSU scientists and educators improve the public understanding of science and public affairs.

News and periodicals

EESC news and periodicals report discoveries as they unfold. Press releases, magazine features, media alerts, and other fast-breaking stories help reinforce the reputation of Oregon State University and its agricultural research as an essential engine in the progress of the state.

News releases are the building blocks for much of the communication products created in the department for Extension and the Experiment Station. We work with faculty to develop clear and accurate news stories that explain the value of the work and the importance of recent discoveries.

• Media liaisons connect reporters with Extension and research experts. After we have worked with faculty to craft news and feature stories, we work with reporters and broadcasters to place these stories in the state and national news media. In addition, we are the first contact for most reporters looking for information or experts on and off campus.

Oregon’s Agricultural Progress magazine is a report to the taxpayers of Oregon. Our stories, and the photography and design that support those stories, show how broadly agricultural research contributes to the economy, environment, and social structure of Oregon. It is delivered to individuals and opinion leaders such as legislators, reporters, teachers, business leaders, and interest groups. The Agricultural Research Foundation helps pay for color reproduction and outside creative services that have helped make the magazine a beautiful, influential, and award-winning publication.

Northwest Gardeners’ eNews offers online readers timely information about gardening, food, and natural resources from OSU Extension and research experts. Each month, more than 4,000 subscribers receive this electronic magazine, free of charge. Additional features include the monthly Garden Calendar, access to Extension’s Gardening Encyclopedia, and audio clips on hundreds of topics of interest to Northwest gardeners.

Emergency communications

EESC faculty are among the first to respond to emergency situations. We have the capacity to convene decision-makers quickly in times of need and to lead statewide communication of helpful information. Whether the emergency is a natural disaster or a slow-growing crisis, EESC communicators deliver the information people need when they need it.

Media and communications training

Even the most knowledgeable experts need help explaining their work to non-experts. EESC faculty work with researchers and specialists across all disciplines to help them understand how to talk to reporters, legislators, and community members about the importance of their work.

Impact reporting

Increasingly, public institutions are asked to communicate the impacts of their work to the taxpayers who fund them. Explaining impacts and outcomes should go beyond reporting numbers. It should include stories that explain the context of those numbers, the problems addressed, and the progress made toward solutions. 

EESC works with researchers and administrators to develop stories and messages that explain how OSU Extension and research improve the lives of people and communities across Oregon.  For an example visit Bridges to Prosperity.

Publication editing and design

EESC editors translate complex information and discoveries into useful publications, multimedia, and self-guided learning materials online and in print. Learn more about publication editing and design.