E-learning and New Media

Multimedia frames stories and conveys information using the integration of video, images, audio, and animation. With the ever-increasing availability of broadband access, Web-based multimedia is an especially effective way to extend and enhance much of what we do at the university. EESC uses the latest multimedia authoring tools to create new media projects and where possible seeks to equip OSU faculty to use these tools as well. Please see our tools section and upcoming workshops.

EESC is also fluent with the latest social media platforms and tools. Social media helps foster engagement with students, program volunteers, and colleagues. Social media is also an indispensable tool in promoting awareness of a program and organizing communities of practice and affiliation. 

As communication educators, EESC is experienced in developing new media deliverables that are instructional in nature. When developing e-learning content, we use instructional design to ensure our deliverables match the needs of the audience and also meet instructional and programmatic objectives.   

Some of the multimedia and e-learning authoring tools we use:

Flash, Presenter, Captivate, Camtasia, Pachyderm, Premiere, After Effects, Final Cut Pro, SoundForge, Dreamweaver, and Photosynth

Some social media platforms and tools we use:

Facebook, Ning, Flicker, Twitter, Wordpress, PBworks

Recent multimedia and e-learning projects:

  • Mastery of Aging Well - Five online modules for anyone interested in healthy aging. Each module consists of a self-paced slide show narrated by Sharon Johnson, OSU Associate Professor in Family and Community Health. Project partners: AARP, Oregon State University Extended Campus, and OSU Extension.  Audience: local and national.
  • 4-H CD - A multimedia CD containing the most popular 4-H publications. Project Partners: 4-H, EESC Audience: Oregon 4-H Members.
  • Pachyderms - Interactive multimedia for the Web.
  • Photosynth 
  • Camtasia

Social media examples:

Blog examples:

  • Blog/Wordpress (Electronic Papyrus) - A collaborative EESC blog that focuses on web-based multimedia and E-learning. Project Partners: Jeff Hino, Mark Anderson-Wilk, and Chris LaBelle. Audience: national and international, primarily technologists. This is the most popular and well-read blog at OSU.
  • Blog/Aging Well - Sharon Johnson's blog to accompany her Mastery of Aging Well e-learning course.