Oregon State University Extension Service

The OSU Extension Service’s mission is to engage the people of Oregon with research-based knowledge and education that strengthens communities and economies, sustains natural resources, and promotes healthy families and individuals.

We’ve been doing that since 1911. Our Website
http://extension.oregonstate.edu/ is filled with examples of our work in areas such as agriculture, forestry, family and community development, 4-H youth development, and Sea Grant.

But these are challenging times. Extension’s new Strategic Plan
recognizes Extension’s need to keep pace with Oregon’s changing landscape, increasingly diverse demands for education, and unprecedented advances in technology—in a time of very limited public funding.

You can advance our valuable work in a way you may not have thought about. Please consider making a donation to the OSU Extension Service. Simply click here or on the Donate to Extension button on this page. And thanks in advance for investing in Oregon’s future through the statewide efforts of the OSU Extension Service.

Scott Reed
Dean and Director

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