Focus on long-term benefits to society

There is often a gap between the scientific merit of research data and the public's ability to understand the data's relevance to their lives and livelihoods. To close this gap, research findings have to be presented in a way that makes sense to students, community members, and lawmakers. Narrowing the divide between research and the public opens the door to science's long-term social benefits.

Examples of our work

EESC has decades of experience working with researchers to "translate" their findings to the public.

  • Our multimedia team combined compelling photographs and narration to explain in layman's terms the complex scientific and technological methods used for measuring the consequences of global climate change. Watch the Flash presentation.
  • Our multimedia team created an animation to illustrate what is impossible to see with the naked eye—how groundwater moving through the earth affects surface water temperatures. Watch the animation.
  • The animation was so well suited to a popular audience that OPB's Oregon Field Guide used it to explain a critical component of climate change.
  • Our science writers published an article in Oregon's Agricultural Progress magazine that puts in plain language this mechanism of measuring environmental change, an article that's accessible in print and online. Read the article.

Your next step

Ask yourself: Am I on to something big? Do I want more people to understand and act on the results of my findings? Is the significance of my research difficult to communicate to people outside of my field?

If so, then contact us.