Multimedia Guidelines

This resource provides basic guidelines for those seeking to create multimedia deliverables.

Ten Tips to Produce More Professional Video Interviews

The personal interview is perhaps the most powerful tool for video storytelling both online and off. Here are some basic technical production tips for producing more effective and watchable video interviews.

How to Create Adobe Presenter Presentations

This guide provides the basic steps required to create multimedia-rich Adobe Presenter presentations that can be used online.

Permission for people pictures - model release

EESC provides a form for you to use to get permission from subjects of your photos.

Create a blog that cannot be ignored

The success of a blog depends on the same elements that make for successful writing, successful websites, and successful conversation. Before launching your blog, learn what to include to ensure its success.

Make photos last longer with careful storage

Use a camera long enough, and eventually slides, prints, and negatives start piling up all over your office. If your photo file consists of the back half of a dusty file drawer, consider upgrading your storage system.

Take better pictures of plants

Plants make interesting pictures. The colors, textures, shapes, and form of plants present all kinds of possibilities to the eye of the photographer.

Carry a photography "grab bag"

Not all camera gear has to be expensive or high tech. Sometimes something as simple as a clothespin can make all the difference in what you capture with your camera.

Choose the right software for your digital darkroom

An important decision for every digital photographer, besides selecting a camera, is deciding what software to use in the digital darkroom.

Writing for a web audience

Writing for the web is very different from writing for print media.
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