Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) statement in English and Spanish

Use one of these statements on any publication that announces your services, programs, or events.

Social Media: a primer

A tour of the most common social media and some advice for users.

Getting from idea to publication

Writing a useful publication is more than choosing words. Much of the work occurs before you begin writing and after you finish the first draft. Here are some tips for getting from idea to published piece, whether printed or online.

How to write clear how-to instructions

In Extension, we often are called on to explain tasks ranging from applying correct amounts of fertilizer to preparing roses for winter. With a little effort, we can leave our readers satisfied rather than cursing the instruction writer. Here are some tips.

Editors reveal the writing they hate

Knowing how to avoid writing mistakes likely to send an editor scrambling for the “delete” key is a good way to smooth having your submission accepted for publication.

Choose the right image resolution

A few tips to remember when selecting and providing digital images for a publication.

Try these tips for error-free prose

Your lead paragraph can be a grabber, your quotes pithy and your prose perfect. But if you allow errors--even little ones--to creep into your copy, they'll damage your credibility.
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