Spanish Language

Permission for people pictures - model release

EESC provides a form for you to use to get permission from subjects of your photos.

Resources in Spanish for Extension educators

Extensión en Español is a great site for anyone looking for educational materials in Spanish, help with translation, or information about Hispanic culture.

Nondiscrimination statement in English and Spanish

By including a nondiscrimination/affirmative action statement on your published materials, you meet USDA Civil Rights requirements.

Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) statement in English and Spanish

Use one of these statements on any publication that announces your services, programs, or events.

If it's too hard to read, it's wasted

The best-written text in the world will fail to serve its purpose if the reading level is too high for the intended readers.

Reaching Hispanic audiences: It's all about relationships

If you want to offer educational programs to Hispanics, begin by forgetting the program. Instead, think people. Only with a system of healthy relationships in place can you begin to deliver educational content.

English-Spanish agricultural dictionaries make communication in the field easier

If you work with Spanish-speaking clients in agriculture, check out these resources the next time you’re stumped by an agricultural term.
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