Writing and Media Relations

Writing for a web audience

Writing for the web is very different from writing for print media.

Write a killer op-ed piece

Are you tired of being quoted out of context in the newspaper? Want to build public awareness about an issue important to you? Take charge and write an “in my opinion” piece.

Get your story printed

Suppose you are the one chosen to spread the word about your organization's latest accomplishment, plan, or upcoming event. You need to get the word out in your local newspaper.

Write interesting columns

What makes a column interesting?

Be prepared for reporters calling

A call from the media can be a good experience--if you are mentally prepared.

9 worst mistakes when working with the media

Here are nine of the worst mistakes when writing press releases or otherwise dealing with the media.

Use parallel structure in your writing

Parallel structure arranges words, phrases, clauses, or sentences in a series of two or more grammatically equivalent structures.
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