Elements of an impact statement

Find out the key elements to impact reporting.

Key elements to impact reporting

Include as many of these items as you can:

What problem are you trying to solve?

  • What prompted you to begin this work?
  • How important is this issue to the people of a certain community, Oregon or the nation?
  • Are people suffering from this problem? How?

Quantify some part of the issue.

  • Tell us what you did to help solve the problem or address the issue.
  • Write as you would in a letter back home.
  • Use details of the research that are meaningful to non-scientists.
  • Try to quantify changes if you can, but don't stop if you can't absolutely quantify things

What are the results?

  • Did you solve the problem or make substantial headway toward a solution?
  • Did anyone gain financially because of your efforts?
  • Are people leading better, happier, or healthier lives because of your work?
  • Is the environment in better shape because of what you've done?

Who is the main contact person?

  • Provide name, department and phone number.