English-Spanish agricultural dictionaries make communication in the field easier

If you work with Spanish-speaking clients in agriculture, check out these resources the next time you’re stumped by an agricultural term.

You may have experienced difficulty finding the right word for specialized agricultural terminology. The average pocket dictionary won't tell you how to say "spray boom" or "lateral shoot." Check out these resources the next time you're stumped by an agricultural term.

Agricultural Thesaurus and Glossary

USDA National Agricultural Library, provides a Spanish-English and English-Spanish online database. This includes viewing the info by: search, A-Z index or browse by topic

Ball Floriculture Dictionary/Diccionario de Floricultura Ball

Hoyos De Martens, Veronica and M. L. Nydia Palma de Villarreal. Batavia, IL: Ball Publishing, 2002.

This dictionary defines terms, concepts and expressions used in horticulture. It explains specific terms for biology, botany, and entomology. It contains tables with translations of common terms, measurement conversions, and references for scientific and chemical names. Paperback. 424 pages.

Available at: Multilingual Books' online store under "Specialty Section," or call 1-800-218-2737. Or Amazon.com.
ISBN 1-883052-09-2. List price: $39.95.

Dictionary of Agricultural Terms, Spanish to English and English to Spanish/Diccionario de términos agrícolas inglés–español y español–inglés

Lanero Fernández, Juan J. Universidad de León, Secretariado de Publicaciones, 1999. Paperback. 481 pages.

Available at: Amazon.com. Price: $73.95.

The English-Spanish Dictionary of Plant Biology

Included are plant-related terms from the fields of botany, ecology, genetics, taxonomy, microbiology, physiology, forestry, silviculture, horticulture, phytopathology, agriculture, and pomology.

Available at: eBooks.com. Available as a downloadable PDF. Price $38.00

An English-Spanish Glossary of Terminology Used in Forestry, Range, Wildlife, Fishery, Soils, and Botany

Medina, Alvin Leroy. USDA Forest Service, General Technical Report RM-152: Fort Collins, Colorado, 1988.

This glossary lists scientific and management terms used in natural resource management. Words are grouped according to animals, fishery, botany, forestry, soil, wildlife, and range. Booklet. 54 pages.

Available at: the USDA Forest Service as a PDF, or call 202-205-8333. No charge.

Oxford-Duden Pictorial Spanish and English Dictionary

Oxford University Press. 1995.

While not specifically focused on agriculture, this dictionary provides vocabulary and pictures for a range of topics including agriculture, small gardens, machinery, poultry, and more. Words are linked by number to pictures of situations from everyday life. There are 384 sections covering a broad range of subjects. The dictionary also provides fully alphabetized indices in both languages which refer the reader to the various subjects and contexts in which a word is used, and to the correct translation and vocabulary of the entire subject. Paperback. 677 pages.

Available at: Amazon.com, Barnes & Noble, and other large bookstores. To order by phone, call Barnes and Noble at 1-800-843-2665. Price: $27.50.

Pesticide terminology (English–Spanish)

California Department of Pesticide Regulations.

Includes an alphabetical list (alphabetized by English word) of pesticide terminology.

Available at: California Department of Pecticide Regulation, available online or as a downloadable PDF. No charge.

Spanish Dictionary of Agriculture and HR Management

Spanish Dictionary of Agriculture & HR Management. 4 February 2003. Agricultural Labor Management, University of California APMP. Developed at the University of California, this online dictionary contains more than 4,000 words and expressions focused on agriculture and human resources terminology. You can download a PDF file or use a search function to look up words and phrases. PDF file. 54 pages.

Available at: University of California, Agriculture and Natural Resources. As a download a PDF.
For more information call Gregorio Billikopf Encina at 209-525-6800. No charge.

Spanish-English, English-Spanish Glossary of Terms used in How To Grow More Vegetables

Harpstrite, Pat, and Georgia Montrouil. Willits, CA: Ecology Action, 1991.

This is a glossary for the terms used in John Jeavon's book How to Grow More Vegetables. The alphabetical listing of words is followed by a three-page section arranged by the following topics: double-digging and soils, seed propagation, compost and fertilizers, companion planting and insects, crops, diet and income, environment, funding proposals, and other. Photocopy. 31 pages.

Available at: Bountiful Gardens call 707-459-6410. Price: $6.00

Spanish in the Field: Practical Spanish for Ranchers, Farmers or Vintners

Pella Clough, Carmen, James C., Comegys, James K. M. Saddler. Fresno, CA: Panorama West Publishing, 1987.

This publication, though commonly used by people in agriculture, is unfortunately out of print. This comprehensive book covers a broad range of agricultural terminology. It is divided into topical units, with chapters on employment, tools, soil preparation, health, safety, row crops, and more. Each unit includes vocabulary lists, sentences, exercises, and illustrations labeled with corresponding Spanish terms. There is also an appendix organized by topic. A pocket dictionary, Supplement to Spanish in the Field, is also out of print (ISBN 0-932857-01-9).

Out of print. Used copies may be available on Amazon.com, Half.com, or eBay.com. ISBN 0-932857-02-7.

Thomson's English/Spanish Spanish/English Illustrated Agricultural Dictionary

Price Jr., Robert P. Thomson Publications, 1993.

Commonly used by people working in agriculture, this comprehensive dictionary features agricultural terms in English to Spanish and Spanish to English. Terms are listed alphabetically and cover a range of categories, including: agriculture, botany, horticulture, livestock, equipment, tools, weeds, diseases, insects, and more. The dictionary also has an illustrated section organized by topics, with accompanying English and Spanish terminology. Paperback. 160 pages.

Available at: Amazon.com or call (559) 266-2964. Price: $36.95.

More Resources

View additional English-Spanish agricultural dictionaries (PDF), includes Arabic, Chinese, Hmong, Somail, Spanish and multilingual resources.

Portions of this list were compiled by Rachel Dannefer and Tony Machacha of the National Immigrant Farming Initiative.