Multimedia Guidelines

This resource provides basic guidelines for those seeking to create multimedia deliverables.

1. Usability

  • Navigation
    Is the navigational scheme clear and easy to use? Are there appropriate breadcrumbs on secondary and tertiary pages? Too many menu options on the home page?

  • Font
    Is the font type and size appropriate for the audience and format? Is the font maximally legible? Avoidance of reverse type? Maximum contrast?

  • Response time
    Is the load time for page elements reasonable? Is there excessive latency associated with any objects, functions or transitions?

  • Accessibility
    Is the page 508 compliant? Do the photos have appropriate alt tags, videos have captions, menus avoid Javascript where possible, page tested using accessibility verification tool(s)?

  • Link design
    Is there a discernable and user-friendly convention used to define links? Do links utilize pop-up or replacement windows where appropriate? Are there warnings (if appropriate) when leaving this site for an unrelated website?

  • Controlled vocabulary
    Does the navigation and copy utilize a cohesive terminology that is user friendly? Is the tone and complexity of the vocabulary appropriate for the intended audience?

  • Error handling
    How are broken links or other errors handled? Is there a specific error page with contact information?

  • Discoverability
    Is this deliverable discoverable within OSU's web-based infrastructure? Keywords, external links to deliverable, etc.

2. Compatibility

  • Browser
    Is deliverable compatible with IE, Firefox, Chrome? Different versions of IE?

  • Mobile compatibility
    If appropriate, does deliverable conform to mobile standards? If webpages are used, is there a mobile device detect?

  • Proprietary file formats
    Are there SWF or other file formats that would unduly limit user access to this deliverable? Transparent PNG files in IE?

3. Technical Considerations

  • Audio
    Is the audio clear? Is the use of audio warranted? Is the audio file format appropriate for this context?

  • Server-side speed
    Is multimedia content streamed and buffered appropriately? Is the latency appropriate and has the speed been tested on slower bandwidth?

  • Screen dimensions
    Is the content sized appropriately if displayed in a browser window? When resized, does the layout retain its integrity?

  • Video codecs
    Was the appropriate video codec used? If using a video repository, was the appropriate repository used relative to audience needs?

  • Security
    Have security considerations been taken into account? If needed, is authentication in place to protect content?

4. Media Appropriateness

  • Delivery relevance
    Is this the best medium or delivery mechanism for this content? Would a less complex approach be as effective in achieving instructional objectives?

5. Instructional Goals

  • Instructional context
    Are the learning objectives built into the deliverable (explicit or implicit)?

  • Text
    Is the text tone, length, focus appropriate for the medium and complimentary to the learning objectives?

  • Cohesion
    Is there cohesion between the different pages, modules or units of this deliverable? Are there points of connection between different elements?

  • Ancillary resources
    Are there appropriate job aids and learning resources provided where appropriate?

  • Educational value
    Is this deliverable educational? Do you feel the learner would learn something of value?

  • Uniqueness
    Is this deliverable sufficiently unique? Is there another product or resource that resembles this deliverable?

6. Development, Maintenance, Sustainability, and Longevity

  • Platform type
    Is the content housed in the appropriate platform type (open versus proprietary)

  • Modularization
    Is this content appropriately modularized? Can it be reused in other courses or learning environments if needed?

  • Maintenance and updates
    Who will maintain both the platform and the content over time? Is there a plan documenting this?

  • Portability
    Is the deliverable tied to a content management system or proprietary platform that would not allow the content to be ported to a different location if needed?

  • Future versions
    Are there plans to scale or add features to this deliverable? If so, is this plan reasonable based on existing and/or future resources?

  • Faculty involvement
    How much of the development and maintenance work will be handled by faculty? Have the expectations been clarified and the project appropriately sized to accommodate this variable?

  • Scope of project
    How large is this project? Is the time needed to develop this deliverable commensurate with the outcomes and stakeholder expectations?

7. Aesthetics / Graphic Design

  • Copy and graphic layout
    Appropriate sizing of copy relative to the page size and layout. Appropriate use of graphics with attention to context and balance.

  • Use of color
    Intentional use of color with attention to complimentary color palettes. Where appropriate, using color to convey functions or features.

  • Simplicity
    Avoidance of complexity, unless absolutely warranted.

8. Legal and Governance

  • Copyright
    Has the content (text and images) been copyright approved? Are there any copyright acknowledgements needed?
  • Proprietary content
    Is there any content in this deliverable that should not be accessible to a mass audience due to intellectual ownership issues or safety issues?

  • 508 Compliance
    Is the content accessible to vulnerable populations if this is an audience need? If Federally funded, is the deliverable compliant with any specific accessibility requirements.

  • Branding
    Has appropriate branding been applied to the deliverable? Is it compliant with IMC requirements? Has Extension or program-specific branding been applied when appropriate?

  • Stakeholders
    Does the author understand who his/her stakeholders are for this deliverable and has a plan for approval been finalized?

  • Credits
    Have credits and any needed attribution been added?