Preparing graphics for publishing with EESC

Tips for selecting and providing digital images for an EESC publication.
  • Submit images as graphic files rather than embedding the graphics in a Word file. This allows us to refine the digital images, insert them into the final document, and give you a higher quality product.
  • Consider the file format. It is usually preferable to submit the file type in which the graphic was originally created. Use eps (vector) files for charts/graphs and line illustrations. Vector files can be reproduced at any size without loss of quality. Use tiff or jpg (raster) files for photographs and scanned images. The quality of raster graphics depends on their resolution and the size at which they are reproduced.
  • Pay attention to image resolution for photos and other raster images (for example, tiffs and jpgs). Most Web images are 72 dots per inch (dpi) for fast downloading. This resolution, however, is inadequate for print reproduction. We require a minimum resolution of 300 dpi at the desired size for use in publications that will be printed.

You must provide written documentation that you’ve received copyright permission to reproduce images from other sources.