Writing better headlines

Make your county newsletters more appealing to readers by writing better headlines.

Most people are scanners when it comes to reading newsletters. Readers quickly scan the pages, looking at the headlines. Your newsletter articles will capture more reader interest if they are topped with interesting headlines.

Tips for writing better headlines

Be brief

  • Too long: Women's Coalition for Pacific Fisheries Prepares to Launch Health Insurance Program for West Coast Commercial Fishing Community
  • Better: Coalition to Launch Health Insurance Program for Fishing Community

Be specific

  • Tree Day 2000
  • Better: Hundreds Enjoy Tree Day 2000

Use an action verb and preferably active voice

  • Hazelnut Crop Expected to Be Moderate
  • Better: Forecasters Expect Moderate Hazelnut Crop

Use present tense when possible

  • Agriculture Committee Members Wanted
  • Better: Agriculture Committee Recruiting Members
  • or: Volunteer for Local Agricultural Committee