Instructional Technology


From podcasts to Pachyderm...

EESC has the expertise, tools, and commitment to assist you in the innovative use of technology for teaching, learning, and outreach both in classrooms and in distance learning environments. 

Instructional design approach

Our services use the systematic approach of instructional design to point you toward the best choice of educational media to reach your audience and meet your objectives. We can help you design, develop, manage, and evaluate your learning products.

We can add value to your educational publications through our publishing life cycle, which will analyze the potential for applying instructional technology to extend the reach of your publication.

Look to us for expertise and guidance in the design of e-learning for online courses, modules, and learning objects, using tools like Blackboard, Moodle, Pachyderm, and social media.

Do-it-yourself technology

We are a source of communication tools for instructional technology, including Flip Video cameras for easy creation of Web-delivered video. And we offer training opportunities for the application of instructional technology, both live and online at-your-own-place-and-pace.