Submit a project request

If you have an idea for an educational communication or technology project, consult with your Extension program leader.

Then, submit a project request.

If possible, submit the request before you start drafting your content. This gives you and your EESC project manager more time to discuss ideas for the project and address questions.

What happens next?

Once we receive your request, we will discuss it at our monthly project meeting and choose an EESC project manager. Your project manager will contact you to go over the scope of the project and talk about the right format for your project (e.g., print publication, video, podcast, app). Then your project manager will work with you to set a timeline for completing the project.

Can anyone submit a project request?

Someone on your project team needs to have an OSU Extension or Agriculture Experiment Station appointment.

Are all project requests accepted?

EESC works on educational communication and technology projects that support the strategic goals and priorities of OSU Extension and the Agricultural Experiment Station. We work on peer-reviewed projects that go into the OSU Extension Catalog, as well as on projects that program leaders have identified as priorities. If your project falls outside of these parameters, we will help you find other OSU resources, templates, or an independent contractor.

How long will it take to finish my project after I submit a project request?

The turnaround time varies depending on workloads (yours and ours), and on project size and complexity. We strive to find a schedule that works for all.

What happens after the project is done?

Most projects go into the OSU Extension Catalog, home to more than 900 books, fact sheets, videos, and other educational materials. Many are also published with Washington State University and the University of Idaho through EESC’s Pacific Northwest publishing cooperative. We will send you a link to your project that you can post on your webpage and share.

Can EESC help me get the word out about my project?

When your project is complete, we will send out a statewide announcement to all OSU Extension and Agricultural Experiment Station faculty and staff. Depending on the project, we also might write a news release or share information through Twitter and Facebook.

Have questions?

Contact: Jim Sloan, Publishing Team Leader