Landscaping with fire-resistant plants

Interactive app & mobile-friendly PDF

No plant is fireproof, but some are less likely to ignite and can protect your home during fire season.

“When I go to the nursery, I always bring my phone, so I can look up plants,” Brooke Edmunds, Extension Horticulturist, told us. Lots of other people do the same thing.

So, when it was time to publish Fire-resistant Landscape Plants for the Willamette Valley (EM 9103), instead of developing a paper-based publication, we worked with Brooke to create an app and a mobile-friendly PDF so that people can have the information on their smartphones and in their hands when they need it.

The timing was right. Recently, the number of mobile users visiting the OSU Extension Catalog has grown by 70 percent. The result: After only 6 months, 300 catalog visitors had downloaded the app and had spent 44 hours using it.

Because Brooke thought nursery owners would need a printed version on hand in stores to help customers who don’t have a smartphone, we also designed the publication as a downloadable PDF for printing.

With each project, we work with you to understand the needs of the people you want to engage.

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