EESC Express

The EESC Express is a monthly web show featuring informative, pithy, and timely stuff you can use. This short (30-minute) webinar will feature tools, techniques, and topics designed to help you in your Extension communication and teaching efforts.


Now on Hiatus
(let us know if you'd like to see a 3rd season)

What: The EESC Express
When: Every third Thursday at 10 a.m.
Where: Webex


Season 2 recordings

Watch our October 20, 2016 broadcast. Our Season 2 premiere, with hosts Jeff Hino and Kym Pokorny, features Alan Dennis and "3-D Printing: The Ultimate Tool," with Phillip Brown introducing the new Pest Management Handbooks website, and a timely tip from Jeff about productivity.

Watch our November 17, 2016 broadcast, featuring Jeff Hino and Sandy Reichhuber talking about Ask an Expert: 5 years and Counting; Erik Simmons on Pixels and Pictures: Quick Digital Imagery Fundamentals; and How to Get Started Working with EESC.

December 15, 2016 broadcast cancelled due to campus weather closure.

Watch our January 19, 2017 broadcast, with host Kym Pokorny, featuring video how-to presented by Stephen Ward, bi-lingual publications by Phillip Brown, and social media for scientists by Chris Branam.

Watch our February 16, 2017 broadcast, with host Kym Pokorny and guest Victor Villegas on Facebook engagement, Public Issues Education Leader Gail Wells on the PAC part of imPACt, and Pete Petryczak with some quick tips on navigating the Extension Catalog. 


Season 1 recordings

Watch our first web show, broadcast January 21, 2016. Feature: “Engaging Millennials,” plus a tour of the new EESC website and a social media timing tip, with hosts Jeff Hino and Jennifer Alexander.

Watch the broadcast of the March 17, 2016 web show: "The New EESC Photo Archive," with hosts Jeff Hino and Karen Zimmermann.

Watch the broadcast of the April 21, 2016 web show: Take a whirlwind tour of emerging technology, including 3-D printing and scanning, 360-degree photos, and virtual reality, with hosts Jeff Hino, Stephen Ward, and Alan Dennis.

Resources mentioned in the broadcast:

Watch the season 1 finale of the EESC Express, EESC's Public Service Communications Specialist Kym Pokorny and Public Issues Education Leader Gail Wells discuss how to craft an effective press release.