Pachyderm Showcase

Pachyderm is an open-source multimedia development application that provides an easy way to create highly engaging interactive modules for your Web site and presentations. With Pachyderm, you can build learner-driven multimedia stories that combine text, graphics, audio, and video--without being a multimedia programmer.

We hope you enjoy this gallery of Pachyderm modules created by OSU faculty, staff and students. Contact the EESC regarding how you can learn more about Pachyderm.

Holly Berry

Welcome to Canning Fruit at Home...the right way. The self-directed learning module is designed to take you through each step of canning fruit at home and links you to laboratory tested instructions.

Patty Skinkis

Viticulture Extension Specialist

Pami Opfer

A practical learning module for sustainable gardening in the Beaver State

Jeff Hino

OSU Lifelong Learning Leader
Explore the concepts behind Pachyderm. Experts discuss what Pachyderm is...and isn't.

Holly Berry

Home canned vegetables add variety to diet. Using tested instructions from a reliable source is the first step to ensuring your home canned vegetables will be safe.