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How to write a letter to the editor

Is there something you want the public to know? Writing a letter to the editor is one way to express yourself. Follow these tips to increase the possibility of your letter being published.

Preparing local news releases

Working with your local media is essential to share your research, teaching, and Extension successes.

Distilling science for a lay audience

How to overcome the task of sorting through the volumes of information we gather before we actually write a popular science article about someone's research.

Give your writing harmony and pace

Skillfully blending the passive voice into your prose lends it variety and spice.

If it's too hard to read, it's wasted

The best-written text in the world will fail to serve its purpose if the reading level is too high for the intended readers.

Write a killer op-ed piece

Are you tired of being quoted out of context in the newspaper? Want to build public awareness about an issue important to you? Take charge and write an “in my opinion” piece.
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