The Brink of Extension

Extension is on the brink or at a turning point. But on the brink of what, and where should we turn?

The documents here propose one direction.

Dave King & Mike Boehlje, Purdue Extension

Extension on the Brink:
Meeting the Private Sector Challenge in the
Information Marketplace

October 1998 article published in the Journal of Applied Communications


Extension’s Future:
A Conversation About What Lies Beyond the Brink

Text of the McDowell Lecture delivered at The Pennsylvania State University’s Annual Extension Conference in November 1999


So You Want to Have a Job in 2005?
Bringing Extension Back from the Brink

Text of a presentation delivered at the United States Agricultural Communicators’ Congress in July 2000


Extension: On the Brink of Extinction or Distinction?

October 2000 article published in the Journal of Extension


Building a Business Model

Text proposing business plan for feasibility study of "e-Extension/USA"