Spring Training Presentations


Pachyderm (Jeff Hino)

Jeff Hino demonstrates how others have used Pachyderm to create learning objects that combine video, audio, graphics and text into rich "nonlinear" user-driven learning experiences. New Pachyderm release 2.1 features are highlighted and resources provided to help determine if Pachyderm is for you.


Blogging for Impact (Chris LaBelle, Mark Anderson-Wilk, Jeff Hino, Sharon Johnson, Robert Emanuel)

The different presenters use their own blogs (Electronic Papyrus, H20NCoast, and Mastery of Aging Well) as a springboard to highlight lessons learned and best practice. Suggestions for blogging more systematically and collaboratively are provided.

Web 2.0 and Virtual Communities (Weston Miller, Chris LaBelle)

Ning is a Web 2.0 platform that allows you to build an engaging web environment using video, photos, text, widgets, Ning applications, RSS feeds, Google web tools, and basic HTML. This presentation highlights examples from the Master Gardener program in Clackamas County.

Federal Grant Programs; Opportunities for Field Based Extension and Applied Research (Peg Herring, Paul Jepson)

This session prepares Extension employees to participate more effectively in federal grant projects, which now require a more detailed understanding of USDA-specific guidelines.

More Drupal (Lani Jo Leigh, Bryan Mayjor)

We’ll discuss and demonstrate common problems and tasks, with an emphasis on website best practices. And we’ll discuss next steps in Extension website development and opportunities for more training in Drupal 6.

Publishing Multimedia with EESC (Mark Anderson-Wilk, Ariel Ginsburg, Jeff Hino, Sue Kunda, Chris LaBelle)

This session provides potential authors and co-creators an understanding of EESC’s publishing process and how to partner with EESC to achieve the communication and engagement needs of audiences.

Transform Your Message with the Extension Marketing Toolbox (Peg Herring, Tiffany Woods, Lynn Ketchum, Erik Simmons)

This presentation explains how EESC can help counties share their message to their targeted audience using various communication tools.