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USDA/ADEC China Scientific Exchange
Report on food safety training February 2009
Linking the Teacher to the Learner: The Importance of Teaching Technology and Learning Support Systems in Distance Education
Slides and text for invited lecture to the Central Agricultural Broadcasting and Television School, Beijing, China. Dave King, Department Head and Professor, EESC, Oregon State University and Jeanne Gleason, Professor and Director of Media Production, New Mexico State University October 17, 2007
5 Things You Need to Know About Distance Learning
Presentation on what Extension professionals should know about distance learning. Delivered to Epsilon Sigma Phi by Dave King, EESC, and Dr. Janet Poley, ADEC. July 25, 2007
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USDA/ADEC China Scientific Exchange
Presentation report to All-ADEC meeting in Seattle, Washington. April 27, 2007
USDA/ADEC China Final Report
USDA/ADEC sponsored exchange to review agricultural distance learning in China. March 16 - 31, 2007
ADEC Innovation
Presentation report to ADEC Program Panel meeting in Gainesville, Florida. December 2006
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The Brink of Extension
Repository for articles discussing the future of Extension, authored by Dave King and Mike Boehlj.