Wildfire in Oregon

Fire is a natural part of our environment. Yet, with more people living near wildlands, there is a greater chance of loss of life and property and damage to natural resources. Learn what homeowners need to prepare for wildfire, respond when fire occurs, and recover after the event of fire.

Current fire and forecast information

Northwest Interagency Coordination Center Pacific Northwest
For daily updates on fires, visit the Northwest Large Fire Information Summary.

National Interagency Fire Center
Regional up-to-date information on wildfires, wildfire prevention and fire statistics.

Before Fire Strikes

Is your property at risk for wildfire?
View an interactive map.

Living With Fire (PDF)
A comprehensive primer for homeowners to prepare and respond to wildfire.

Evacuation Guide (PDF)
Oregon is no stranger to wildfires. Be prepared to act.

Oregon Department of Forestry Wildfire Information 
Outlines ODF's fire program in Josephine, Jackson and Deschutes counties. Information is useful statewide.

Preparing Your Family for Emergencies (PDF)
Safeguard your family's important papers and other essentials.

Protecting and Landscaping Homes in the Wildland/Urban Interface (PDF)
Describes fire history, ecology and behavior; wildfire protection and defense; fire resistive landscapes; family emergency plans; and more.

Fire safe plants

Fight Fire with Plants? You Bet.
Amy Jo Detweiler, a horticulturist with the OSU Extension Service, offers landscaping tips to defend your home from wildfire.

Fire Resistant Plants for Home Landscapes (PDF)
Tips for choosing fire-resistant plants and designing and maintaining a fire-resistant landscape.

Recovering from Fire

Wildfire Recovery: Ways to Move Forward (PDF)
Advice on recovering your home, food supplies, pastures, landscape and trees following wildfire.

After the Burn: Assessing and Managing Your Forestland after a Wildfire (PDF)
Describes how fire affects vegetation, wildlife, soil, watersheds, and aquatic environments, and post-fire assessment and management.

Other Sites of Interest

US Forest Service Fire Education
Understanding the role of wildland fires.

A central Oregon campaign to increase wildfire safety.

Project Wildfire
Project Wildfire facilitates, educates, disseminates and maximizes community efforts toward effective fire planning and mitigation.

Firewise: National Fire Protection Association
Wildfire preparation/prevention information aimed at wildfire readiness in communities.

eXtension Wildfire Information Network (eWIN)
Wildfire information including prevention, emergency information and questions and answers from wildfire experts.