Sapinder Bali

Potato Breeding and Genetics Postdoctoral Scholar
tel: 509-769-9972
Primary Location
2121 S 1st St
Hermiston, OR 97838


My Postdoctoral research is majorly focused on Meloidogyne chitwoodi, commonly known as Columbia Root Knot Nematode (CRKN). It is a soil borne pest which effects the potato production in the Columbian Basin region of Oregon and Washington in the US. My prime focus is to look for the genes involved in the plant-pathogen interactions and study the resistance mechanism to CRKN in a wild potato species, Solanum bulbocastanum by using RNAseq technology. The ultimate goal of my study will be to develop molecular resources for CRKN resistance (primarily, high-throughput markers like, SSRs and SNPs) that could assist breeders in developing CRKN resistant potato varieties for the region.

Areas of expertise: Molecular Biology, Genetic Markers, Transcriptomics and Nematology

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