Diversity Catalyst Team

The Oregon State University Diversity Catalyst Team is a task force appointed by Scott Reed, Vice Provost of Outreach and Engagement, Director of OSU Extension Service.  The OSU Diversity Catalyst Team consists of representatives from OSU Division for Outreach and Engagement and works with the Outreach and Engagement leadership groups to articulate a vision and design and implement strategies to create a climate for change relative to diversity issues in higher education.

The goals of the Diversity Catalyst Team are:

  • Help the Division of Outreach and Engagement to become a healthy, thriving, learning organization that meets the changing needs of the diverse population in Oregon
  • Help our clientele to operate effectively and successfully in a multicultural world
  • Learn more about Honoring Diversity at OSU Extension

The Division of Outreach and Engagement and the Office of Equity and Inclusion will collaborate on diversity outreach efforts for the Division.  The Office of Equity and Inclusion will provide the management for Team and will oversee the Diversity Catalyst Team’s work.

Team Members

Emily Anderson

Carolyn Ashton

Iris Carrasco

Samuel Chan

Flaxen Conway

Cristian Curiel

Jamie Davis

Lindsay Davis

Patricia Dawson

Marcia Dickson

Karissa Dishon

Tina Dodge Vera

Troy Downing

Molly Engle

Lena Etuk

Melissa Fery

Dianna Fisher

Ana Lu Fonseca

Guillermo Giannico

Ariel Ginsburg

Derek Godwin

Amy Grotta

David Hansen

Emily Henry

Jeffry Hino

Susan Hunt

Tonya Johnson

Johanna Lounsbury

Mario Magana

Lisa McKibbin

Octaviano Merecias-Cuevas

Melanie Mintken

Joan Oakes

Jennifer Oppenlander

Patrick Proden

Donita Roseboro

Dana Sanchez

Christopher Scadden

Jeff Sherman

Lynn Steele

Lisa Templeton

Elizabeth Thomas

Karen Zimmermann

Administrative Support/Liaison

Deborah Maddy, Associate Director, OSU Extension

Contact Us
Please feel free to contact team members if you have a question, suggestion, concern, or if you would like to make a contribution to diversity initiatives within OSU Extension.