Change Agent States for Diversity (CASD) Team

The Change Agent States for Diversity (or Diversity Catalyst Team) consists of representatives from Oregon State University Extension Service and works with the OSU Extension Cabinet to articulate a vision and design and implement strategies to create a climate for change relative to diversity issues in higher education.

Our goal is twofold: Help OSU Extension become a healthy, thriving, learning organization that meets the changing needs of the diverse population in Oregon, and help our clientele operate effectively and successfully in a multicultural world.

Diversity Catalyst Team Members

The OSU Extension Diversity Catalyst Team is a task force appointed by Scott Reed, Vice Provost of Outreach and Engagement, Director of OSU Extension

Holly Berry, Family & Consumer Sciences, Marion County OSU Extension

Jamie Davis, 4-H Youth Development, Lake County OSU Extension

Patricia Dawson, 4-H Youth Development, Umatilla County OSU Extension

Troy Downing, Dairy Programs, Tillamook County OSU Extension

Beth Emshoff, Metro Area, Portland State University

Ana Maria Esparza-Smith, Las OLAS Program, Hatfield Marine Science Center, Newport
Ana Maria is a native of Mexico City. She studied psychology in the Universidad Autónoma de México, and taught at several schools in Mexico City before arriving in Newport, Oregon in 2001. She has been responsible for the Las OLAS program (Ocean Learning Activities in Spanish) for local Latino/ Hispanic families at the OSU Hatfield Marine Science Center in Newport since 2005. Ana Maria became a US citizen in August 2008. 

Melissa Fery, Small Farms Program, Benton County OSU Extension
Melissa serves as a small farms extension agent for the southern Willamette Valley, including Benton, Lane and Linn counties.  Her special interests include small-scale livestock and pasture production, manure management, soil quality, and crop production.  Melissa attended Oregon State University where she earned a bachelor's and master's degree.  Since 1998 she has been serving the Oregon's agriculture industry, including working for the Oregon Dairy Farmers Association and with the Oregon Department of Agriculture, before beginning her career with OSU Extension Service in 2005.  Melissa's passion for agriculture began at an early age growing up in rural Lane County and developed in high school where she was a member of the FFA.  Currently, Melissa lives on a small farm near Creswell, with her husband and son.

Guillermo Giannico, Fisheries & Wildlife, OSU Campus, Guillermo is an associate professor in the OSU Department of Fish and Wildlife. His academic specialty is fish ecology and behavior and Extension and outreach education. Guillermo is team leader for the module on stream assessment and restoration of the OSU Extension Watershed Stewardship Education program. Guillermo's most recent research focuses on salmonid behavior, fish distribution and habitat selection in freshwater and estuarine systems, salmonid habitat restoration, the influence of riparian vegetation and land use activities on fish habitat and the advance of integrated watershed management.

Ariel Ginsburg, EESC, OSU Campus
Ariel spent a year traveling through Europe, lived for a year on a kibbutz in Israel, and was an early and active member of the Eugene Middle East Peace Group (Arab Muslims and Israeli-and American-Jews who came together during the intifada that began in 2000). Ariel became an employee of OSU Extension Service in 2005. She researched and collaborated in writing an inclusiveness presentation for the Office of Community and Diversity. In 2007, she became an officer of the national ACE (Association for Communication Excellence) Diversity Special Interest Group. 

Derek Godwin, Watersheds Program, Marion County OSU Extension
Derek serves as a state-wide watershed management specialist and as a staff chair for Marion County. Derek has been with OSU Extension Service and Oregon Sea Grant since 1994. He specializes in hydrology, stream processes, and land use practices that reduce development impacts on stormwater and water quality. Derek holds degrees in forest management from Virginia Tech and bioresource engineering from Oregon State. Derek has lived and worked in rural and urban areas on the East and West coasts and has an interest in increasing diversity in the work place and audiences Extension serves.

Doug Hart, Associate Program Leader, 4-H/FCH OSU Extension

Beverly Hobbs, 4-H Youth Development, OSU Campus

Mario Magaña, 4-H Youth Development, OSU Campus
Mario is an OSU Associate Professor and Extension Faculty for Latino Outreach Programs in the College of Education - 4-H Youth Development Education at Oregon State University. He arrived in America as migrant worker as a young man and spoke no English, for that reason he end up working in Agriculture for several years. Through perseverance and support, in 1990 he received a GED Diploma for the HEP Program at Washing State University. In 1991 he was admitted to Oregon State University where he learned English and went on to complete his Bachelors degree in 1997and then a Masters degree in Forest Resources, Adult Education, and Spanish in 1999. Today Mario A. Magaña is the Latino Regional Educator and the Camp Director for the successful Oregon Latino Summer Camps that reach over 300 Latino youth each year. He also provides leadership to the 4-H Latino Soccer League and is working with Oregon Extension faculty to find new ways to reach out to Latino youth and families. 

Dan McGrath, Commercial Vegetables, Linn County OSU Extension
Dan is the OSU Extension Diversity Specialist and co-coordinator of the National Change Agent States for Diversity project in Oregon. Dan has been with Oregon State University Extension for twenty five years. He is a professor in the OSU Department of Horticulture. He works with the processed vegetable industry in the nine counties that make up the Willamette Valley. His academic training and program focus Integrated Pest Management (IPM). He holds degrees in soil science and plant pathology from the University of California plus a doctorate in Entomology from Oregon State University.  Dan has served as staff chair for the Linn County OSU Extension office since 2000. 

Shawn Morford, 4-H Youth Development, Warm Springs Indian Reservation
Shawn is OSU Extension staff chair and 4-H Youth Development Faculty on the Warm Springs Indian Reservation since 2007.  Previously she worked in community development for the Musgamagw Tsawataineuk Tribal Council on Vancouver Island in Canada and lived and worked in British Columbia for 11 years among Aboriginal and rural communities relating to natural resources.  She has designed and conducted workshops on culture and world views for a variety of native and non-native professionals in Extension and in the natural resources field in the US and Canada.  Shawn has a PhD in Extension program evaluation, a master's of Agriculture in rural international development, and a bachelor's degree in forestry. She has taught culture and natural resources university field studies courses in Thailand and Hawaii. 

Nina Roll, Family Care Project Director, Lincoln County OSU Extension
As Family & Community Health faculty in the role of Director of Family Care Connection, Nina Roll has worked at OSU Extension Service in Lincoln County for the last 10 years. Family Care Connection, a grant supported program, is the state designated Child Care Resource & Referral and the Lifespan Respite Care Network for Lincoln County. We also have a collaborative, the Child Care Health Consultation Program, with Lincoln County Public Health, one of only 4 such programs funded since 2003 in Oregon. Nina works with all parts of the child care and respite care delivery system - families, providers, educators, businesses and policy makers, to address critical issues regarding accessible, quality child care and respite care.

Lynn Steele, Family Community Health, Metro Area Nutrition Education
Lynn works with limited-income Hispanic families, providing educational programs and resources on topics related to nutrition, food safety, and food security.  She has worked in community-based health programming for over 29 years now, is fully fluent in Spanish, and committed to the Hispanic/Latino community.  She lived in Latin American for ten years, primarily in the Dominican Republic but also in Peru, Costa Rica and other countries, and has traveled widely across the continent.

Sarah Williams, Assistant to the Associate Provost, Extended Campus, OSU Campus  
Sarah works in OSU Extended Campus, or Ecampus, as Assistant to the Associate Provost.  She spent over 15 years living and raising her children in Japan.

Administrative Support/Liaison

Deborah Maddy, Associate Director, OSU Extension

Contact Us
Please feel free to contact team members if you have a question, suggestion, concern, or if you would like to make a contribution to diversity initiatives within OSU Extension.