Program Council

Meeting Agenda and Notes:

  • October 2011
  • September 2011
  • July 2011


Provide leadership for the development and delivery of strong and relevant programs to meet needs and expectations of Oregon residents through...

  • Focusing on program-based discussions and solutions
  • Holding difficult discussions that lead to sound solutions
  • Nurturing emerging programs
  • Championing multi-program initiatives
  • Encouraging more multi-county programming opportunities
  • Supporting faculty & staff, both in general and through specifics
  • Standardizing expectations, procedures and practices of Extension programs
  • Establishing policies that relate to supporting programs across the organization


  • Sam Angima, North Coast Regional Administrator
  • Mike Bondi, Clackamas Regional Administrator
  • Sally Bowman, FCH/4-H Program Leader
  • Bill Braunworth, Agriculture Program Leader
  • Beth Emshoff, Metro Specialist/Oregon Open Campus Director
  • Derek Godwin, West Central Regional Administrator
  • Doug Hart, 4-H/FCH Associate Program Leader
  • Dave Hansen, Sea Grant Program Leader
  • Peg Herring, EESC Unit Leader
  • Jim Johnson, Forestry Program Leader
  • Deborah Maddy,  Associate Provost & Associate Director Extension
  • Dana Martin, Central Oregon Regional Administrator
  • Patrick Proden, Metro Regional Administrator
  • John Punches, South West Regional Administrator
  • Roger Rennekamp, Associate Dean Outreach & Engagement
  • Willie Riggs, South Central Regional Administrator
  • Carole Smith, North East Regional Administrator
  • Brian Tuck, Mid-Columbia Regional Administrator
  • Phil VanBuskirk, Southern Oregon Regional Administrator
  • Kim Tarrant, Extension Administrative Program Assistant