Extension Off-Campus Safety Compliance Team

OSU Extension Service Off-Campus Safety Compliance Team meets quarterly, and the minutes from these meetings will be available on this website for three years.


Priority levels for Safety Inspection Correction:

Priority 1: Items are immediate safety hazards and need to be corrected within 48 hours, if possible.
Priority 2: Items should be corrected within five weeks.
Priority 3: Items are long-term fixes that should be either added to an ongoing work list or to a capital improvement list

Extension Off-Campus Safety Compliance Team Members

  • O&E Regional Administrator Representative:  William Riggs
  • O&E Regional Administrator Representative: Dana Martin
  • OES Faculty Representative:  Lynette Black   
  • OES Program Leader Representative: Dave Hansen
  • Regional Operations Coordinator: Marcia Dickson


Please contact the Extension Off-Campus Safety Compliance Team via email with questions or concerns.

Please contact Carrie Burkholder for questions or concerns regarding the Oregon Agricultural Experiment Stations safety compliance.