Performance Evaluations

Performance Evaluation Management System

Classified staff (includes Classified IT employees), Professional Faculty (includes Office Managers) and Field Faculty (Tenured/Annual Tenure, Professor of Practice, Instructor, and Program Coordinator) are evaluated using EvalS, an electronically-driven performance evaluation system. Please visit the OSU Human Resources' website on EvalS.

EvalS for Extension Field Faculty Resources

  • Every field faculty that has been employed for a minimum of 6 months shall have a review.
  • Timeline, updated 12/08/2016
  • Instructions
  • Performance Categories & Definitions
  • The following are the selections available to supervisors to provide an overall summary performance rating for their professional faculty employees:
    • Exceptional Performance – Consistently operates well above expectations
    • Strong Performance – Fully meets and often exceeds expectations of the position
    • Satisfactory Performance – Fully meets the expectations for the position
    • Needs Improvement – Occasionally fails to meet expectations or needs significant improvement in critical areas
    • Does Not Meet Expectations – Consistently does not meet expectations in multiple key elements of the position
    • No basis for evaluation / Not rated


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