EvalS Instructions

EvalS for Extension Field Faculty Instructions

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EvalS is an electronic performance evaluation system designed to assist supervisors and employees to complete their annual goal-setting and appraisal tasks.  EvalS has been adapted as the performance management system for Extension faculty members who have program assignments and report directly to a Regional Administrator.  This includes those employees who fall within the following faculty groupings:  Professional Faculty, Instructors, Professors of Practice, Faculty with Annual Tenure and Faculty with Indefinite Tenure.

All faculty are expected to work closely with his/her Regional Administrator to follow the EvalS timeline.  Please visit the OSU Human Resources' website for access to and additional information about EvalS.

Each faculty member is expected to annually enter two (2) to five (5) performance goals into EvalS.  At least one goal must be related to the Professional/Technical Competency performance category.  The Competency goal(s) may relate to the performance categories and definitions or to one of the specific objectives outlined in the strategic plans and directions of the faculty member’s assigned program area(s). (Links found below.)  Up to four (4) additional goals may relate to any of the six performance categories listed.  Any of the goals may relate to more than one performance category and the faculty member should check all categories that apply. Helpful hints on writing effective performance goals can be found on the Human Resources EvalS website.

Performance Categories and Definitions:

Strategic Plans and Direction: