Teaching Evaluations

Teaching evaluations are required annually for county faculty to qualify for a satisfactory rating for the annual performance evaluation and review. This is required for all county Extension employees with a teaching component in their position descriptions.

Extension Faculty Teaching Evaluations Overview

The number of Citizens Evaluation of Teaching (CET) evaluations is prorated based on the faculty member's FTE assignment for Extension teaching (as indicated in their position description). 

Number of evaluations required annually based on percent of FTE Extension appointment (excluding any administrative appointment FTE percentage):

  • .75 to 1.0 Extension appointment - 3 teaching evaluations
  • .25 to .74 Extension appointment - 2 teaching evaluations
  • .0 to .24 Extension appointment - 1 teaching evaluation

Any teaching evaluations beyond the required three (or less, depending on your Extension FTE appointment as indicated above) will be calculated locally. You may make copies from one of the scannable forms onto plain paper for this local calculation.

In addition to the CET evaluations requirement, at least one annual peer teaching review, in consultation with the immediate supervisor and department head, is strongly encouraged. Be sure to use the form approved by your academic department.

CET Process & Instructions

Guidelines for Submitting Completed Evaluations for Processing

  • The CET forms provided from Extension Administration should only be used for the evaluations that are to be mailed to campus for scanning and processing. 
  • Forms cannot be copied if they are to be scanned, as it is printed on special paper. If copies are submitted to fulfill the teaching evaluations requirement, they will be returned to the faculty member.
  • If a faculty member submits more than three teaching sessions annually for scanning, they will be returned to their supervisor to be calculated locally.
  • If there is more than one instructor, each instructor should be distributing their own evaluation forms.
  • Once the evaluations are scanned, a summary of the processed evaluations will be emailed as a PDF file to the faculty member and his/her academic home department head.  The hard copies of the evaluations will be sent to the faculty member's supervisor for further review.

A template is provided below to be used with the teaching evaluation form to allow you to preprint the instructor's name, event, date and additional questions (saves you from getting writer's cramp).


The template provided below is NOT the evaluation form.  This template is to print the instructor's name, event, date, and any additional questions on the evaluation forms instead of handwriting them.

Getting Help

Please contact Kim Tarrant for a supply of teaching evaluation forms, or if you have questions regarding your teaching evaluations.  

Please return your completed evaluation forms to:

Kim Tarrant
102 Ballard Extension Hall
Oregon State University
Corvallis, OR 97331-3606