Internationalizing Extension

In today's globally interconnected world, even the most remote rural community here in the U.S. is affected by globalization. Changing demographics in many communities are creating new audiences for Extension. In the US, 47 million people speak a language other than English and 12% of our population is foreign-born. By strengthening the international dimension of its programs Extension will be better able to fully serve the changing needs of its clientele.

Whether the need is increased market opportunities over seas, understanding environmental and health issues that know no national boundaries, or using cross-cultural skills to better serve diverse domestic audiences, Extension can play a critical role.

Highlights of OSU Extension's International Efforts

  • OSU Extension Service-International Experience Database (PDF)
    Current and retired OSU Extension faculty members provide a rich pool of individuals with international experience. Both the University and the State of Oregon benefit from their knowledge base.
    Contact the Global Relations Committee Chair of the Oregon (Gamma) Chapter of Epsilon Sigma Phi, Jeanne Brandt, to add information to the database.
  • National Epsilon Sigma Phi (ESP) Global Relations Website
    Use the ESP Global Extension Website to post and find international work opportunities. Individuals looking to do overseas service will find contact information for organizations and agencies doing international work. Specific information is found in the Global Extension Links of Interest section.
  • 4-H World Citizenship Program/International Exchanges Website
    Young people need a global perspective to understand their position in the world and how events in other continents affect them. The Oregon 4-H Youth Development Program has involved young people internationally for over 50 years and provides hands-on learning activities that develop awareness of the world and its peoples. We can introduce youth to a broader world by engaging them in these opportunities.
    Contact Chris McDonald, 4-H Program Coordinator, Global Citizenship.

Job-Related International Experience

There are several options for faculty international job-related experiences.

Individuals traveling outside the US for work, please view International Travel and Risk Management information.

Options and Experiences

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Reports on Projects and Experiences

By Dave King, Associate Provost, University Outreach and Engagement.