Logo files

  • The new OSU logo is available to request from the Oregon State Brand Guide website. This site also provides guidelines for logo use, including companion logos and co-branding.
  • The suite of companion logos is available to download from OSU Box.
    • In this Box, there are three “pages” of unit folders. You can sort by name, and also use the pager arrows (upper right next to the Download button) to move to the next page.
    • There are subfolders for Extension, O&E, Open Campus, Outdoor School, and each Extension and branch experiment station location.
    • Each folder has logos in .png and .eps formats. Open the .eps logo folder and the logo art sheet to view logo color options and file names.
    • There is also a subfolder for the 4-H emblem. Please note this folder includes a document with guidelines for use of the 4-H name and emblem.
  • Tip: You can use the “favorites” feature in Box for quick access to your commonly used files and folders. Here’s a short video from our friends at URM.

Logo use and questions

  • Please read the Brand Guide before using the new logos.
  • Refer to the Extension Branding FAQs for additional information.
  • For questions about logo usage on OSU Extension materials, including consulting about placement on promotional items, please contact Ann Marie Murphy, O&E communications and marketing manager.