All communications, both print and electronic, published by OSU Extension, must prominently display an approved logo. During our Centennial year communications can also include the OSU Extension Centennial mark in addition to the Extension Service logos.

ZIP files contain logo files saved as:
- PDFs (will work on PC and Mac)
- EPS (EPS logos will not display until you insert it into a document and it will look blurry, but print clean)

Logo files

  • Extension and AES logos (includes logos for county/area offices, combined experiment and Extension centers, branch experiment stations, AES, Extension and program areas)

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Getting Help

  • View OSU brand guidelines on how to use an OSU logo.
  • For help with downloading or using OSU Extension logos, contact Erik Simmons.
  • If you have questions or comments about the OSU Brand Identity Guidlines, please contact: Melody Oldfield, University Marketing