Mailing & Correspondence for Marketing Purposes

Standards for mail and mailing lists for OSU Extension
A guide and resources to maintain and adhere to policies and standards for mail sent with federal, state, or Extension funds.

Required statements for mailings

  • Affirmative Action/Non-discrimination Statement 
    Required for newsletters, notices of upcoming programs and materials promoting Extension activities.
  • American with Disabilities Act Statement
    Use on any publication that announces your services, programs or events.
  • Disclaimer Statement
    Use on any publication or PowerPoint that refers to specific products or services by name.

    "Trade-name products and services are mentioned as illustrations only. This does not mean that the Oregon State University Extension Service either endorses these products and services or intends to discriminate against products and services not mentioned."

Required statements for email

If the email is promoting a university sponsored event or a position announcement, the Affirmative Action/Non-discrimination Statement and American with Disabilities Act Statement are required. General email messages do not require these statements.


  • Office of Equity and Inclusion
    Information on the American with Disabilities Act Statement. The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) requires Extension to make its programs accessible to people with disabilities.