For Print

University Relations & Marketing has a comprehensive suite of print templates available for download on their website. We recommend using these templates to create your marketing materials.

Also check out OSU Printing and Mailing's Design Online tool, which provides templates to create business cards, achievement certificates, table tent inserts, 8.5" x 11" flyers, 11" x 17" posters, bookmarks and more.


OSU has a unique stationery system that carries the OSU logo. Extension offices and departments identify themselves by including a specific statement and using local addresses.


We will be posting samples on this page that demonstrate how to integrate the OSU Extension identity into the templates. Please contact Erik Simmons for assistance.

For Multimedia

If you're looking for help with a multimedia project, or are interested in learning more about what is possible, check out the EESC E-learning and New Media page. If you have web or multimedia questions, please contact Jeff Hino.

For Press Releases

Use these Word Doc templates to write for your local media outlets. If you have any questions about writing press releases, please contact Tiffany Woods.