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To request change in the print directory, contact Jill Wells.

To request change in the online directory (Find Us), contact Denise Ashley

How to Print the Directory

To print from most copiers:
  • Open PDF
  • Click File > Print (or keyboard command Ctrl+P)
  • Next to "Page Scaling" in the drop down menu, select "Fit to Printable Area"
  • Click Properties next to your name of printer
  • On the Setup Tab, confirm Duplexing, flip on short edge
  • Make sure that Staple if off.
  • Click OK.
  • Print, fold and staple
To print from other printers/copiers:
  • Open PDF
  • Click File, Print (or keyboard command Ctrl+P)
  • Make sure that Page Scaling is "Fit to Printable Area" and "Auto-rotate and Center"
    • If you do not have two-sided capability, print at this point, then alternately rotate the pages so they face head up/head down and copy it from 1-sided to 2-sided (or you may want to order hard copies; see your office manager)
  • If you have two-sided capability, click on the Printing Shortcuts tab, and under Orientation select Landscape and under Print on both sides, Yes, flip over
  • Click OK twice
  • Print, fold and staple