Leadership Team and Committees


  • President: Bob Parker 
  • President-elect: Kevin Gamble
  • Secretary: Lynette Black
  • Treasurer: Nancy Kershaw
  • Past President: Barbara Brody

Committee Chairs

Volunteer to help your fellow Extension colleague by serving on a Gamma Chapter committee!

You can choose from the following:

  • Scholarships, Grants, and Recognition Committee 
  • Resource Development and Management Committee
  • Public Issues Committee
  • Global Relations Committee
  • Member Recruitment and Retention Committee
  • Retiree Issues Committee

The Leadership Team also consists of a newsletter editor, website manager, and an historian. Life Members are welcomed and encouraged to serve on any of these committees.

If you wish to serve, contact the current chair of that committee.

Global Relations Committee-1117

Member Recruitment & Retention Committee
Shana Withee, Chair (541) 523-2506 & Lynette Black (541) 296-5494

Scholarships, Grants and Recognition Committee
Mike Knutz, Co-Chair (503) 434-8913 & Jamie Davis, Co-Chair (541) 947-6054

Resource Development & Management Committee
Deb Warnock, Chair (541) 426-3143

Public Issues Committee
Bob Parker, Chair (541) 523-6418

Professional Development Committee
Joy Jones, Chair (503) 842-3433

Retiree Issues Committee
Nellie Oehler, Chair (541) 757-3937

Duane Johnson, Chair (541) 742-1962  

Newsletter Editor
Patricia Dawson (541) 278-5404

Website Manager

Lynette Black (541) 296-5494

View list of past ESP Oregon, Gamma Chapter Presidents (PDF)

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