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My neighborhood in NE Portland is full of tall trees which make my yard very shady. My grass really suffers. What type of grass seed should I try to make a healthier lawn?

Hello: I have an old (10+ years) grape vine, which has not been pruned in at least six to eight years. It produces, but of course its several branches are very long. Would I be wise to prune it back severely, to the first branching of the vine for best future health and production? I'm...

I bought several boxes of canned peaches, pears and plums from a local canning company. They were delivered in mid-Dec. 2012. Two of the cans of peaches have exploded. I've got a big mess and I'm worried about contamination/bacteria issues in remaining cans. Help! Is there a person in...

I am interested in starting my own honey bee hive on my property. I am surrounded by orchards and small patches of blueberries. I am looking for good research material, there are lots of books and lots of web sites but what is real and what is just color wash to sell a book. I graduated in...

We walk where nutria are living and my dog loves to eat their scat when she finds it.  Can this give her a disease ?  

Is it possible for an individual, not a Master Gardener to view your training Modules? If so, how?  I cannot see them on your website.

What process is used in the winter to enable composting to continue outside and in very low temperatures, some below freezing?

I have everbearing raspberries and lately they have not produced much. How do I prune them to get more fruit?

Hi, I was wondering if there is a safe recipe for making home canned tomato soup? I cannot find anything in my canning books. It seems like you should be able to at least make a base that you can add milk to when you warm it up.

What can I do to keep the birds (barn swallows I think) from building the mud nests under the eves--the birds do not bother me but the poop they drop on arival makes a mess of the side of my shop.