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I have a Monkey Puzzle tree that's 20+ft. and should be at least 40 years old. The lower limbs have been drying out and turning brown. Nothing unusual this year as in years past, have not disturbed it.

I'm in the process of buying some grassfed beef through an Oregon coast farmer on Craigslist. The beef was recently processed and is ready to pick up, however we won't be getting any liver as the cows had liver flukes. I'm wondering if liver flukes affect the rest of the animal/meat quality...

Is the product, NEEM toxic to bees?

I put sugar in my daily cups of coffee, probably consuming 4 teaspoons total. Am I deluding myself in believing that "pure cane", "raw" or "turbinado" sugars are better for me than white refined sugar?

Hello. I had considered taking the MG program years ago but was told you folks advocate the use of Miracle Gro and other synthetic chemicals. I'm wondering whether or not this is true? Unless the MG practice is one of a strictly organic approach, I won't bother; but if the rumor is false,...

Last year I made sauerkraut according to directions in a Kerr Canning Book. It was placed in a warm sun porch to ferment. I used a plate with a weight on top to keep the kraut under the brine. In 2 weeks it was beautiful and tasted good. Thinking I needed to let it go longer, I let it...

I need some help evaluating crops and or animals that I can make money with. How to find good products that are in high demand. We are organic.  

My asparagus is now at the end of the second year. I picked a few and it has been going wild ever since. My question is what do i do with it? Just let it die back on its own, or do I cut at ground level for winter? I am on the southern coast in Langlois. 

What is killing my tree seems that whatever it is, the woodpeckers have a field day then either squirrels or something else is filling in all of the holes caused by the woodpecker with acorns.

Where do growers get seed for seedless watermelon if the melons have no seeds?