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Where do growers get seed for seedless watermelon if the melons have no seeds? 

I maintain a fairly productive compost pile that I use to replenish my raised beds each year. This year, I have a large number of plants (mainly squash and tomatoes) that have come up in beds where this compost was used. Someone told me that it might be dangerous to eat veggies from these...

I found the recent online guide and recipes for salsa. The instructions say not to alter the fresh herbs, only dried ones. I prefer more cilantro in my salsa than the one recipe "Tomato Salsa - slicing tomatoes" shows. Do you have any recommendation on where I might find a tested recipe with...

I see farmers in Hermiston topping their corn fields. It looks like they chop off the top 2 feet or so. Does this make corn ripen faster or increase the size of the ears or just decrease the amount of roughage going through the combine or something else?

Oregon has lots of ants. Why aren't there any anteaters (or aardvarks)?

Why are some of our cucumbers bitter? We have to peel quite a bit off to get to the sweet meat and even after doing that they are still sometimes bitter.

We've been growing yacon for several years and having good results. Problem is this year we've got a lot of yacon. Does anyone have any ideas on ways to use the root? We dice it up with our breakfast (along with other veggies and then break an egg on top). But we need more ways to eat it...

I have sweet corn, and the tassels are out, and I see silk down below.

So, do I really need to pollinate sweet corn by hand, or should it just be "given its privacy"?

Hi, I am thinking about buying an electric canner to process mainly corn and green beans this summer. Are they safe to use for that purpose? Seems to be conflicting information out there. Is there one that will do meats? Same one or specially purchased for that purpose?

Is this true or is it a myth? Male peppers have 3 bumps and female peppers have 4 bumps. Female peppers are full of seeds but are sweeter and better for eating raw. Males are better for cooking?