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My homeschooler is interested in animal science as a career. How can we participate in 4-H activities?
Are twinkies good for me?
Hello, I have never planted root vegetables or a fall or winter crop. I plan to do so this year. However, I missed the window to plant carrots, beets, onions and garlic this spring. Is it too late if I do it this week? I live in Portland and it has been really hot this week! Thanks!
What is the life span of a hummingbird?
Hi! My father purchased a second home that has a forest deferral. We want to improve the forest, but don't know where or how to start. Might even need help getting an analysis of the property/forest conditions. We also, just this weekend, discovered the ponds have two Western Pond Turtles, and we...
Hello, I am interested in starting a small farm. There are currently 7 people that I have partnered with and we are all interested in living and working on the farm. If you have any insight or suggestions on where to start and how to plan this undertaking they would be most appreciated. We are...
Do you have a receipe for quick pickling of ramps? Thanks.
Hello. I own a small blueberry farm and am wanting to do a better job managing our finances. I do pretty much everything by hand, including paychecks for my employees. Could you give me some advice on which Quickbooks (or other accounting program) would best suit my needs? Thanks so much!
How do I can bacon and ham or butter and milk? I find lots of information on the Web, but Extension Service information seems very limited. As people prepare for emergencies, more people are asking these questions. Freezing is not an option with power outages. Thanks for the information.
I'd like information on participating in 4-H with my son. He's 7 now and would like to raise a pig. Is there somewhere I can find the "rules" as we do not have any previous experience in 4-H (although we do have several friends/family who do!). Also, we currently live in Multnomah County...are we...