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I have been fermenting saurkraut in my crocks and just discovered small larvae inside the lid... How do I prevent that next year? Do you know what they are? 

I manage a Police Department Property Evidence Division. We receive about 200 items a day from officers who seize evidence and prisoner's property ... Routinely these items (back packs, bags, etc.) have some type of food item attracting fruit flies. We have taken steps to mitigate the...

I have a six month old dwarf nigerian billy goat. What is the proper way to castrate him at this age? His testicles are huge! He is also starting to get really stubborn. Thank you. 

I'm looking to do some "winter" gardening in raised beds I finished in the spring. I know I should be planting now, but my produce from the early summer isn't finished. Can you give ideas of what should be planted and when... have I lost my window?

I have two 50-60 foot cedar trees in my yard and both of them are covered in little holes from the base to most of the way up the trunk. Can you tell me what is causing this and how I can save my trees? I lost one a few years back and don't want to lose the others. Any help would be greatly...

Our neighbors' house has gone back to the bank and their already unruly yard is turning in to a major menace, especially the blackberries (surprise!). We've hacked them back from our side, but they're out of control; now that the berries are coming on, we're wondering if we can take advantage of...
I can't find any recipe for canning zucchini. Pressure canned or water bath. Is it not recommended?
When are the tomatillos ripe and ready to pick ?
I wanted to know if I should can my baby food or not? If I pressure can everything will the food be okay to feed my little one?
What is the best homemade solution for a hummingbird feeder?