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When do I stop feeding roses in the fall?  

We love eating in our backyard, but are plagued by LOTS of bees. I don't see a nest anywhere. Any suggestions on how to keep the bees away from our patio?

What are the proper preservation techniques for homemade salsa, with various peppers, onion, and tomatoes from our garden? We boiled the salsa, and then followed normal hot water bath canning methods boiling for over 15 minutes.

Should I pick my pumpkins or leave them on the vine? They are fully orange and the vines are dying. Is it better to pick them and store them or just leave them until October?

Can I freeze jalapeño peppers and if so what is the best method?

Knowing peas don't mind cool weather can I get a fall crop if planted at Labor Day or so?

I was wondering if it would be too late to plant cucumbers, it seems like we still have 60-70 days left of good weather 

Is there a grass that stays green year around in the Willamette Valley? I thought perennial rye would but am not sure now.

I am considering using some 2x6 inch material for a small raised bed for strawberries. My first thought was to consider pressure treated lumber, but I have read conflicting articles on the the safety of this product, with the chemicals possibly reaching the plants. Others claim this doesn...