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We are noticing fewer possums either alive or dead on the roads or roaming at night as compared to when we lived here in the valley 30 years ago. Has something changed?

We are considering removing our front lawn and putting in drought tolerant, native plants to reduce our water use and lower maintenance. where can we find support and advice to do this?

I have recently noticed many local Douglas firs turning brownish red (many needles dying), with some trees having entire limbs apparently dead or dying. I've seen this here in Corvallis, in the coast range, in the Portland area and in the Columbia Gorge; and I have seen it in young forest...

Most of our ornamental plum and cherry trees were affected by the single-digit temps last November. Lots (90%) of branches that haven't leafed out or have just a few scattered leaf clusters. Is there any chance of recovery or should I start replacing them?

I have a very active wild bird feeding area about 15' and about 30 yards from our house next to the Deschutes River in pines with an open meadow across the river. Hawks have discovered the birds and are attacking them. Any suggestions?

Is the threat of frost past for planting in the Willamette Valley?

I have a golden chain tree which has done really well and been healthy since I planted it several years ago. Last year my husband started bringing large white rocks home from his job in the woods. He placed a large amount of these rocks around the base of the tree. It seems that the tree has...

I have a plot in a community garden in Portland. Last year my corn only matured about 3/4's. I'd like to try planting the 3 sisters this year; corn, beans, and gourds together and I would like planting advice.

I live in DT Corvallis. Want to convert about 1,400 SF lawn into garden. Currently digging up soil to get rid of as many weeds and grass roots as feasible. Soils turns rock hard in summer. Should I mix in compost? If so, how much? Should I cover with fabric? If so, what type. Also, a lot...

The attached photo is of my father cultivating a field of corn on the family farm near Rokeby, NE around 1914. What purpose do the cords hanging down the sides of horses serve?