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The top (grafted part) of our dwarf cherry tree died. We have other cherry trees and would like to graft a new top on it. What is the best type of graft to make?

The vertical freezer door was left open an inch from evening to mid-morning the next day. Around 11 a.m., I noticed the veggies (bags) were broken up inside and almost soft. TV dinners were pliable. I also have a package of raw chicken breasts (forgot to check them), butter in cube/pounds...

I have a utility pole in my yard that I would like to disguise with an ornamental tree. I can't have a tree that grows too tall, and was thinking about a dogwood. What would you recommend?

I am installing a permeable driveway (Unilock Turfstone) at my house in Portland. I read your article on best types of grass mixes in Oregon. But what about driveway grass? Ideally I would like a grass with low maintenance, less mowing, and for daily parking with car traffic. The...

I have emergency drinking water (from the garden hose) stored in a 55 gallon plastic drum, and about a dozen store-bought gallons of drinking water in the original plastic containers. How long will they stay safe to drink?

We made frozen pizza for dinner last night. Unfortunately, we then settled down for a long winter's nap and forgot to put the leftover pizza and a bottle of ranch dressing away in the fridge. Both sat on the counter overnight. My husband put both in the fridge this morning and thinks "they'...

I made cookie dough, then realized the butter had probably been in my frig. for a year. I have put the dough in the freezer until I hear from you whether it is safe to eat! (Doesn't smell bad, as far as I can tell.) 

Can I eat the mushrooms growing in my backyard? 

Hi, At our new house, our backyard has a beautiful, huge tree - and ivy has had its way with it for a few decades. How can we tell if the tree is still structurally sound (or healthy enough) to remove the huge ivy branches wrapped around it?