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I heard a story on NPR about these bugs. I am a Master Gardener and have been aware of this problem for a year or two. I have found a few of them in my yard and have killed them but I have had the distinct damage done to my apples that is shown in a website describing the problems caused by...

How do cows find water? (assuming that there is no previous knowledge on the cows part) There is no substantive evidence that cows can smell water (or riparia for that matter). It seems to be generally agreed upon that cows either stumble upon water or follow trails etc to water. However...

How long shoud I leave a Poinsettia in a complete dark room in October?

We have a young pine tree that has yellow splotches on its needles. I am enclosing a photo of the tree. I read the article about the Douglas Fir Needle Midge and I fear that may be the problem. I would like your thoughts.

When do I stop feeding roses in the fall?  

We love eating in our backyard, but are plagued by LOTS of bees. I don't see a nest anywhere. Any suggestions on how to keep the bees away from our patio?

What are the proper preservation techniques for homemade salsa, with various peppers, onion, and tomatoes from our garden? We boiled the salsa, and then followed normal hot water bath canning methods boiling for over 15 minutes.

Should I pick my pumpkins or leave them on the vine? They are fully orange and the vines are dying. Is it better to pick them and store them or just leave them until October?

Can I freeze jalapeño peppers and if so what is the best method?