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What is wrong with my red potatoes? The Yukon Golds from the same soil were perfect.

What is the best way to harvest and store rutabaga? Is it better to leave them until after the first light (like around 25-32°F) frost?

We are looking to buy a house in Corvallis. We are looking at a property near the NE boundry of the OSU lamb barns property. I'm looking for information about cougar/human interactions in that area, specifically with the added risks of having small children, a small dog, and chickens. Also,...

Is there a way to preserve the flowers from pumpkin and/or squash? I like to make deep fried pumpkin/squash flowers and it would be nice to have some throughout the year.

I am looking at a property in Williams, Josephine county, OR It has an idenitifed well that no one knows were it is. Not even the water master. The well was driled in 1978 but the driller looks to not be around any more. How can I find this thing? Any Ideas?

We want (and in some ways must) plant an orchard this fall, but I'm having a hard time figuring out where to get trees at that time of year. Also, there is a lot of information about early spring planting time, but I'm not sure when a good time, specifically, is for fall planting. What's...

I have a jar of honey from my parents that I think dates to 2010. Can you tell me whether it's good still? (It looks fine. It is partially crystalized, but looks ok.) 

Is there a way to control or eliminate ants in the kitchen or anywhere, for that matter?

We tried fermenting pickles and I am unsure as to whether or not they are safe to eat. We used a store-bought pickling seasoning. We put the cucumbers, dill and seasoning in jars, covered with water, placed the canning lid and ring loosely on top and set on the counter for 2 weeks. I know...