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At night I hear the sounds of a mouse - a neighbor said it sounds like a mouse that he had in his wall. It's been going on for weeks if not months :( What do you recomend I do...any help would be appreciated short of calling a "mouse extractor". I'd appreciate help to return to a full night...

Will my EarthMachine composter work better if it's placed in a sunny part of my yard? Or is a shady place just as good? My friend claims food scraps compost faster when they are warmed up by sunlight (meaning the bacteria would be more active if warmer).

Can ladybugs kill plants in the vegetable garden?

How can you tell the difference between seals and sea lions?

How do you tell when pears are ready to pick? i know you pick them before they are yellow and soft. 

I have several nice rosemary plants on my property, but lately some of the branches/plants have completely died. Initially the leaves become bright yellow and then turn graybrown. It almost looks chemical from the results I've seen of Round-Up use. Is there any way to find out how they...

I am looking for some good sources to use rough sawed juniper for landscaping elements of design for our home. Do you have some suggestions, or a good alternative that is not toxic for edible landscaping?

Jam separates, fruit goes to top and stays there-what am I doing wrong?

I read not to spray tomatoes, only hydrate from the bottom. I've heard that spraying on a hot, sunny day can blister veggies. Today I replanted my starter plants; I'm aching to spray them with water because it is so hot today. Should I wait until dusk, spray all veggies but tomatoes?

I have some extra space (both outdoor and indoor) and am interested in trying to grow some different varieties of mushrooms, but all I have is interest with little information. How do I choose the right varieties and materials to get started? Is it even feasible?