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I'm trying to follow a recipe to create a chlorophyll cleanse which includes juniper. Which juniper plant is edible both leaves & berries?

Is it too late to prune my grapes being it is mid March? I didn't have a chance and it is huge - about 7 years mature and I live in Grants Pass.

I am looking for the recipe for making home made corned beef.

I live in Eugene, and am interested in keeping 2 mini-Nubians goats. Do you have any information available on expected expenses of keeping this breed (in town) per year? I'm wondering about both initial expenses (such as fencing, shelter, climbing toys, milk buckets and jars, etc.) and...

We live in a rural setting, with deer coming through twice a day. (That we see, anyway!) Can you recommend a good physical structure/repellant plant combination to be able to grow a garden?

In regards to the horse groups... What can a 2nd grader be involved with. Can they be a part of practices and lessons and just not compete?

I understand that butterflies taste with their feet and I have always assumed that moths do as well. However when I try to find out about it, all I see mentioned is butterflies. Can you tell me for sure whether moths taste with their feet or in some other way?

What is the best way to reheat rice?

Jackson County Health Department has asked for information on the degree (if any) of toxicity to livestock, cattle and horses specifically.

My 95-year-old mother wants to give me her aluminum Dutch oven. I would very much like to have it to prepare pot roasts, stews, etc. I would use it on top of the stove to brown meats and vegetables and then put it the oven to continue cooking the meal. The Dutch oven also has an aluminum...