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I recently moved into a home with a sprinkler system, and have been watering since June; but now I have a large portion of the grass that has brown spots. Is this because of the soil? My watering? Or bugs? Or none of the above?

There are many sites where blackberries are growing wild. What, if any, precautions should I exercise when harvesting this resource and using it as a food source?

Where can I find information on adding worms to soil that has none? Thanks.

I need to plant something now for a summer wedding next year, my yard is shaded. Help!

Please ID this snake ...I'm hoping it is a gopher snake.

We saw this snake on a hike in Lebanon. What kind of snake is this?

How many days is ground beef safe after the "sell by" date?

My daughter told me she and her girl friends made strawberry jam they processed in a dishwasher rather than in a boiling water bath. Sounds dangerous to me. What is your opinion? Thank you.

There are aggressive mosquitoes in the area at all times of the day and evening (more than usual) and people are not able to even get outside and water their gardens. They are also following them into cars and houses.

Are there any ideas besides what I have found at: PNW Insect Management...

I would like to get a rain barrel to collect the water from the down spouts and want one that can function year 'round here in the Willamette Valley. Most of the ones I have seen are plastic and must be drained and taken in for icy temps. Can you advise me on what kind of rain barrel I am...