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What is the best way to treat a very large amount of mold that has accumulated on my walls and windows of my apartment?

What are the guidelines for increasing the amount of moss on my property? Is it possible to move it from one place to another? How does one go about doing this?

We have a lot of moss and we are going to spray our courtyard and deck. Can we spray our maple tree trunk? It is getting covered with moss? Will it hurt other plants?

My neighborhood in NE Portland is full of tall trees which make my yard very shady. My grass really suffers. What type of grass seed should I try to make a healthier lawn?

Hello: I have an old (10+ years) grape vine, which has not been pruned in at least six to eight years. It produces, but of course its several branches are very long. Would I be wise to prune it back severely, to the first branching of the vine for best future health and production? I'm...

I bought several boxes of canned peaches, pears and plums from a local canning company. They were delivered in mid-Dec. 2012. Two of the cans of peaches have exploded. I've got a big mess and I'm worried about contamination/bacteria issues in remaining cans. Help! Is there a person in...

I am interested in starting my own honey bee hive on my property. I am surrounded by orchards and small patches of blueberries. I am looking for good research material, there are lots of books and lots of web sites but what is real and what is just color wash to sell a book. I graduated in...

We walk where nutria are living and my dog loves to eat their scat when she finds it.  Can this give her a disease ?  

Is it possible for an individual, not a Master Gardener to view your training Modules? If so, how?  I cannot see them on your website.

What process is used in the winter to enable composting to continue outside and in very low temperatures, some below freezing?