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What process is used in the winter to enable composting to continue outside and in very low temperatures, some below freezing?

I have everbearing raspberries and lately they have not produced much. How do I prune them to get more fruit?

Hi, I was wondering if there is a safe recipe for making home canned tomato soup? I cannot find anything in my canning books. It seems like you should be able to at least make a base that you can add milk to when you warm it up.

What can I do to keep the birds (barn swallows I think) from building the mud nests under the eves--the birds do not bother me but the poop they drop on arival makes a mess of the side of my shop.

We want to eradicate scotch broom at our log pond project. Your PNW 103 publication is helpful. Like to know best size of weed wrench and proper handling / disposal of pulled plants.

Why on your food recipe site Food Hero in the "special diets" section are there no recipes for a diabetic diet?

Should I mow the lawn in winter?

We have been finding tiny piles of sawdust in closets and on our wooden entertainment center, but we have never seen any insects. The areas where we've seen the piles have myrtle wood on top of oak or fir. I had never noticed holes before but just today I saw tiny pin holes in the wood. What...

How long can you store rice? What is the best way to store it? Can it be stored for long periods of time if it is stored in Food Saver Bags that have all the air drawn out of them?

Does rice ever become unsafe to eat? thank you very much.

I am new to Oregon from SW Oklahoma. I live in Salem and bought a house (in June) with a beautifully landscaped yard. I am accustomed to drought and red dirt gardening. Since the rain has started I have mushrooms popping up all over. Good? Bad? I have no idea. Should I treat the yard? Thank you...