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I can't find any recipe for canning zucchini. Pressure canned or water bath. Is it not recommended?

When are the tomatillos ripe and ready to pick ?

I wanted to know if I should can my baby food or not? If I pressure can everything will the food be okay to feed my little one?

What is the best homemade solution for a hummingbird feeder?

We live in Ashland and have bats in the eaves of our house. Will they damage the house? Should I do something about them? They poop on our deck... I've heard bat feces may be dangerous? How common is it to actually get sick from it?

Is tuna fresh caught in Oregon waters safe to eat? I'm concerned about fallout from the Japanese tsunami.

I am interested in starting an organic farming business. The property that I am currently looking at is surrounded by wheat and grass fields, as well as blueberries and hazelnut trees near by. Are these crops high pesticide and/or fertilizer use? If so, how likely is it that the spray will...

My homeschooler is interested in animal science as a career. How can we participate in 4-H activities?

Are twinkies good for me?

What is the life span of a hummingbird?