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My friend is considering growing poppies in her garden, but I've heard that some types are illegal to grow. Is this true and should she be worried if she does purchase seeds?

I found this on a plant in my back yard...what is it? It was really small; almost needed a zoom lens to even see it.

Do you know where I can get step-by-step plans on how to build a greenhouse?

I just moved into a house on a golf course with giant fir trees. In our yard in the grass is a fairy ring. Is this good or bad?

We live next to a hazelnut orchard. Squirrels have tunneled under my house. Should I be concerned about this, what damage can they do and what can I do to get rid of them! During an inspection under the house a year ago I was told that there was a lot of nuts but very little damage!

Is something going on with birds population in Oregon/Beaverton this year? Usually I get 20-25 species of bird in my back yard, sometime all in one day. This summer I have seen around 10 species. Also usually I put out a handful of sun flower seeds every 2-3 days, this year they hardly been...

Is it safe to hot water bath can anything with Dairy butter added? Like caramelized onions in salsa?

I'd like to eradicate of a patch of Poison Oak. It has a ground cover of about 150 SF and a few trunks (3" to 4" diameters) climbing quite high on a couple fir trees. It's leaves have begun turning red and falling off. I am quite sensitive to it.

I have maggots in my bucket compost. What shall I do?

Are sowbugs harmful in the garden?